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Corsera Death of Queen Elizabeth II,Queen’s coffin leaves Balmoral for Edinburgh. It was very respectful, exactly as she would have wished

London 10 September 2022 by Caroline Kennedy

Her oak coffin left Balmoral at 10am on Sunday bound for Edinburgh, after it was lifted onto a hearse by six of the estate’s gamekeepers.

Thousands of mourners are expected to line the route to pay tribute to her.

The cortège will travel 100-mile through villages like Ballater and through cities like Aberdeen, before reaching the Scottish capital. There, her body will next lie at rest at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.


As the cortège processed through the village, preceded by a seemingly endless number of official vehicles and police vans, the chatter grew to a hush. Some phones were raised to capture the moment but many others preferred to watch quietly.Taglia

“It was very respectful, exactly as she would have wished,” said Elsbeth Henry, who had come with her friend Isa McLeod from Lossiemouth that morning. “I was worried folk might start clapping or throwing flowers. It was very emotional though. I wish I could say more but I can’t find the words.”

“It would have been her wish to die here,” added McLeod. “This was where she had her freedom, she could breathe up here.”


It has been impossible to separate politics from the process of the succession from Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III. While there has been some backlash about any dissent from a universal respectful mourning period, notably from right-wing and conservative media, the death of the Queen has not shifted the political principles of those who do not support the British monarchy. PA Media reports this morning that Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald has said the party will not be taking part in any Accession Proclamation ceremonies. It quotes her saying:

Sinn Fein once again extends our condolences on the death of Queen Elizabeth, whose loss is felt deeply by her family, and many people across our society, particularly within the unionist community.

We acknowledge the very positive role the Queen played in advancing peace and reconciliation between our two islands, and the two traditions on our island, during the years of the peace process. In recognition of this, Sinn Fein will attend a number of events during the ten days of mourning.

The Accession Proclamation ceremonies are intended for those whose political allegiance is to the British Crown. Sinn Fein will not be in attendance at these events.

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